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Black Tomboy Toes Roguish Brogue Semi-Formal Derby Oxford Shoe in Vegan Leather - Men's Dress Shoe for Women
Black Tomboy Toes Roguish Brogue Semi-Formal Derby Oxford Shoe in Vegan Leather - Men's Dress Shoe for Women
The Roguish Brogues in Black

The Roguish Brogues in Black

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Colors available

            • Vegan Leather 
            • Derby-Style Lacing
            • Half Brogue
            • Wingtip Style Toecap
            • Medallion Broguing

The Roguish Brogues are a semi-formal model with an inherent durability balanced by a certain classy charm. You can pair these wink-and-a-nod shoes with a wide variety of outfits. Perfect for an outdoor wedding where you want to look classy without having to worry about slipping on romantic dew-speckled grass, the Roguish model comes with sturdy rubber soles with a good amount of grip.

If you're looking for shoes that won't sit in your closet, babied and barely worn for fear of ruining them, these are the derby-style oxfords you want. The vegan leather shoe makes for a classy complement to most office-approved suits and slacks. Most people won't notice at first glance that they're built to endure the wear-and-tear of your daily commute - all they'll see is a snappy pair of dress shoes on a sharply dressed professional.

The Roguish Brogues come with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Great shoes

These are almost perfect. They're exactly what I had struggled to find for years. True to size, not any narrower than an average dress shoe, and comfortable right out of the box. The vegan material is great: looks fantastic, good for the animals, safe for rain, etc. The one downside is the chemical-ish smell, which I saw other reviewers remark on but figured would dissipate after a few days. I've had them for weeks, airing out, and the other night while sitting in the opera, I realized a bit sheepishly that I could still smell them. That said, I'd still recommend these shoes, but I wonder if the brand will do something to fix that soon, because it is an odd problem.

Meredith Bastian

Although I haven't yet had an occasion to wear these shoes, I absolutely love them and know that they will be perfect for occasions when I need to wear business attire about 1-2 times a year for work. I have very wide feet and these feel extremely comfortable and look great too. I have always struggled to find less feminine shoes that actually fit my feet and these are perfect. I am so happy that I found your store!

Javier Grinspan
Super happy

My shoes arrived when expected, superb packaging, size was correct, and I'm super happy with them!

Donna Hartman
Great fit

Very comfortable fit. Very stylish

Exactly what I was looking for

I ordered these for my upcoming wedding and began to break them in last night at a swing dance event at my local high school. The shoes didn't hurt my feet for the two hours of dancing, and I look forward to seeing how they hold up over time.