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The Falconers in Peregrine Brown
The Falconers in Peregrine Brown

The Falconers in Peregrine Brown

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The Falconers are a 2019 limited edition run: once we run out, we won't be making any more, so get yours while you can!

            • Genuine Leather
            • Derby-Style Lacing
            • Classic Cap Toe
            • Weatherproof Soles
            • (Average "B" Width)

The peregrine falcon, reaching speeds of over 200 miles per hour with each daring dive, is the fastest animal on the planet. Commonly seen in cities hunting among skyscrapers, the peregrine falcon is as at home in urban settings as it is in the countryside, and we hope to have captured some of that city-slicker confidence in our tribute to this fearless flyer.

The Falconers in Peregrine Brown are a pair of shoes that have a stately air, combining rich black, smoky browns, and a warm cream together into something truly sharp and sophisticated. The perfect fall wedding shoes as well as an ideal accent piece for professional wardrobes that lean towards darker earth tones, greens, and maroons, these genuine leather dress shoes are unique but still highly formal. With an ode to the spectator shoe in its contrast of light and dark, but a new take on the classic oxford look with its stacked layers of leather, these shoes will snag the eye of any fashion aficionado. The best of both worlds, the Falconers in Peregrine Brown are your ideal choice for being bold and daring but flexible in the range of outfits they can be worn with and the occasions they can be worn to.

The Falconers feature high quality waterproof soles designed to replicate the look and feel of leather soles with the durability and grip of rubber. 

The Falconers come with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Patricia Beaudrault
Gorgeous shoes

These are a beautiful pair of shoes.. I’ve received so many compliments on them! I have 3 pairs of Tom Boy Toes and I love them all!

Never Received Shoes

Shoes never arrived at my address.

Nate Shalev
Never Recieved

These shoes got stuck in shipping and never received. Awaiting new pair to arrive.

Amy Beth Stinchfield
Great shoes, sizes run very big

I ordered the Commanders in 34 and they fit perfectly. The Falconers are gorgeous shoes but the 34 was much too wide and long.

Beautiful, but some cons

These shoes are beautiful, but these are some of my personal cons:

1. Came out of the box horribly misshapen and smooshed. I've been wearing them around my apartment to get some of the major creases smoothed out.
2. The sole of the shoe is completely smooth, with only the heel having a bit of grip to it, so I'll probably be slipping around a lot.
3. And finally, the leather seems softer and floppier than my pair of wingtip commanders that I bought a month ago. Personally, I like stiffer leather that breaks in gradually.

My guess is that most of these cons can be chalked up to the fact that they were made 2 or 3 years ago. Maybe Tomboy Toes level of craftmenship and quality has improved significantly over time, or perhaps the shoes were handled and transported a lot while in storage all this time.

Regardless of these cons, these shoes are still very handsome, and I'll definitely be wearing them to parties and whenever I don't have to walk a lot, but I don't think these will become an everyday wear like the wingtips have. If you're absolutely in love with the look and aesthetic of these shoes, I would definitely reccomend them.