Exciting Photoshoot News!

As I write this, the fabulous talent behind Gryfeathr Photography is in the process of day two of the Tomboy Toes photoshoot. It's been a a real team effort organizing everything for this photoshoot (should I say photo-shoe-t?) and from the sneak peeks we've been granted so far we're in for an amazing end result.

Model Alex Perry wearing Tomboy Toes Roguish Brogues in Light Brown - Photo by Gryfeathr PhotographyWhen I founded this company, my goal was to do right by the people who, like me, wanted shoes like these but were told 'no' by mainstream retailers. That means supporting women, and listening to the community, and telling people that it's okay to want to be different, to want something that's a little unusual.

If you'll forgive me for getting a little sentimental, I want to emphasize how glad I am that running this company gives me the opportunity not just to offer women more shopping options but also to support and elevate other small businesses being run by women. The company has only existed for a short while but I'm already overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the response and of the people who have been behind me, backing my dream with their kind words, their gift of donated time, and their willingness to listen to me blather about this idea.

In particular I want to extend a thank you to Alex Perry and her wife Stephanie Ash-Perry, who not only are two dear friends who have supported me but are also the two unreasonably gorgeous models in this photoshoot. Not only were they willing to model the shoes for me, they did the heavy lifting when it came to taking the budget provided by Tomboy Toes and purchasing the wardrobe for the shoot, as well as working with the photographer, Lindsey of Gryfeathr Photography, to select the locations used in the photos.

I couldn't have done this without them. The photos I have seen so far are truly a symphony of talented people coming together and combining their skills in fashion sense, photography, make-up application, direction - I could go on, and on, and on. The thing that really shines through for me about these photos, though, is the genuine sincerity of their enthusiasm for the product and for the company. After day one of the photoshoot, Alex messaged me to tell me about how comfortable the shoes were, how well they fit and, most importantly of all, how attractive they made her feel.Model Alex Perry wearing the Tomboy Toes Roguish Brogues in Black - Photo by Gryfeathr Photography

And that's it, right there - that's what I'm striving for. I want people to put these shoes on and feel like their best self. To feel confident, attractive, stylish. And I especially want people to be allowed to have those things when they've spent a lot of their lives thinking they'll never feel that way, because their wardrobe didn't match the perfect sense of self they had in their head and in their heart.

So sit tight, my Tomboys! The photos are coming and you can bet you'll see lots of them. You can follow us on our Facebook or our Twitter if you want live updates!

Stay dapper, my friends!

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