Careers at Tomboy Toes

Tomboy Toes Is Currently Hiring a Customer Service Representative

We're looking to grow our family! Tomboy Toes is a small team of two right now and with Black Friday and the holiday sales rush approaching, we're looking to expand our customer service team. Here's what we're looking for:

  • Must be located in the Greater Toronto Area 
  • Willing to work remotely (must provide own computer)
  • 1+ Years of experience with customer service
  • An empathic and caring approach to customer service
  • 10 hours of availability a week to answer emails

We'd also love:

  • Experience with Shopify and Zendesk are a plus
  • Experience with running a corporate Instagram is a plus
  • Experience with masculine of center fashion is a plus

Here's what the job would look like:

  • $20.00 / hour CAD at a maximum of 10 hrs/week (20 hrs/week during November and December)
  • 1 week of paid vacation accumulated per each 6 months of employment
  • No additional health benefits available at this time
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Potential bonuses for exceptional performance
  • Guaranteed holiday bonus at year end

These would be your responsibilities:

  • Use Zendesk to answer customer inquiries quickly and helpfully
  • Use Shopify to process returns and exchanges
  • Use Google Sheets to document returns and exchanges
  • Use email to communicate with the fulfillment warehouse about shipping issues
  • Notify management of bigger issues that are part of a pattern
  • Interact with customers that reach out via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Work a minimum of 1 hour per weekday (Mon - Fri) to ensure customer inquiries are answered promptly 
  • Work with our existing Customer Service Representative to ensure good communication and workflow

Interested in the position? Please email your resume and cover letter to