How long does shipping take?

We ship using standard mail, although we do offer a rush shipping option for orders being delivered within the Continental U.S. Our warehouse is located in Ohio - within the United States, consult the chart below for an idea of how long we estimate your package will take to reach you. Please be aware that if an order is placed after 12PM EST on a Friday, it won't ship out until the following Monday.

For international orders, we expect a 10 - 15 business day delivery time, although we cannot guarantee this as sometimes international packages are delayed by customs, which is unfortunately out of our control.

If you need to have your shoes arrive by a specific date, please email us at support@tomboytoes.com before you place your order to let us know and we'll do our absolute best to accommodate your request!


Where do you ship to and how much will shipping cost?

We ship all across the continental US and around the world internationally totally for free! You can also pay a flat rate shipping fee to have your package arrive faster, if you're in a hurry. Some countries like Australia have higher shipping costs due to the expensive nature of sending packages a long way.

Customers outside of the US may occasionally find that the local customs authority charges an additional fee for taxes, duties, or tariffs when the package crosses the border. Unfortunately, we are unable to anticipate that price for our customers at checkout as this is a customs fee determined at the port of entry and we have no control over when customs is applied and how much the amount is. Tomboy Toes does not collect customs fees and unfortunately cannot offer refund for it when it occurs. 


What sizes do you carry?

We strive to keep a variety of sizes in stock, but we try to always have shoes that are available in the most common women's shoe sizes, 36 - 40. (We use the European shoe size scale on Tomboy Toes). Our core offerings are usually carried in a wider variety of sizes, but we tend towards carrying smaller sizes to cater to the people who have a hard time finding anything small enough in the men's section of shoe stores. We're actively working towards expanding the sizes we have available.


I want to buy a pair, but you don’t have them in my size!

Ugh! Isn’t that the worst! That’s exactly the problem we’re trying to solve here at Tomboy Toes, so we want to hear about it. Click Here for our Size Request Form, where you can let us know what size of shoes you’re looking for, and sign up to receive an email as soon as that style becomes available in your size.


I have my eyes on some shoes, but you're currently out of stock!


Not to worry! We restock our inventory about once a month, so you can check back in a couple of weeks to see if they're available again. On each product page, with the color and size you'd like selected, you can also sign up for an email or text alert the moment we get it back in stock. If you want a more specific answer for a certain size or color, you can always email us at support@tomboytoes.com to ask when we're expecting our next restock.


Are the insoles removable?


Yes! All Tomboy Toes shoes and boots come with easily removable insoles so that customers with their own specific arch support needs can swap them out for custom orthotic insoles without any fuss. 


Are these shoes intended to be for women, or are they for genderqueer or non-binary people, or transgender men?

The Tomboy Toes brand is all about helping people with smaller feet build a wardrobe that makes them happy. We founded this company with the explicit hope that it would solve this problem for trans men and NB folks just as much as it does for GNC cis women; if you find yourself wanting dress shoes in classic men’s styles but not able to find them in a small enough size, Tomboy Toes is explicitly for you. We are an inclusive shop, and we want to make sure you know you’re part of the Tomboy Toes family whether or not you consider yourself a "tomboy".

Buying shoes online without trying them on is kind of scary. What if my shoes come in the mail and don’t fit me?

If your shoes don’t fit, we guarantee we will exchange them for ones that do fit - as long as you let us know within 30 days of receiving them. You ship them back to us, and we’ll swap them out for the same shoes and adjust up or down in size according to your needs. If for some reason we don’t have the same shoes in a better fitting size, you can exchange them for different shoes of the same value, or receive store credit towards the purchase of another pair of shoes.

If you need to get your shoes exchanged, you can head over to our Exchange Request Form or you can email us directly at support@tomboytoes.com and somebody will help you out!

What are your shoes made of?

Currently all our shoes feature rubber soles. Some of our shoes are made with vegan leather, while others are made of genuine leather - the product page will make it clear which ones are made using which. When shopping for vegan leather shoes, look for the little green leaf icon on the product page! 

Our vegan leather is a manmade blend that utilizes a non-plastic material called polyurethane, specifically the same family of polyurethane used for soft-top roofing on high end convertible cars. Just like real leather, our vegan leather shoes will soften over time and mold to your feet, and benefit from regular care and moisturizing to increase their lifespan. All our shoes, genuine and vegan leather both, come with a suitable shoe polish to help you get the longest possible life out of your new shoes. We’re always looking for feedback from the community, so please feel free to drop us a line at info@tomboytoes.com if you have product suggestions.

Can you explain your shoe sizing?

We use the European shoe size scale on Tomboy Toes because it’s a little more gender-neutral. We want to cater to both women with masculine style as well as people who don’t identify as women but still have a hard time finding men’s dress shoes in a size that fits their feet. Calling a shoe “women’s size 7” might be a bummer for somebody who is constantly striving not to be pigeonholed into lady-labels just because of the size and shape of their body. We figured a sizing system that uses just a number is equally clear, and avoids forcing labels on people. 


My shoes smell a little funky, what's the best way to deodorize these shoes?


Check out this blog article on how to clean and deodorize Tomboy Toes shoes!


I’m a media outlet, social influencer, or super famous person with small feet who likes men’s formal footwear - can we hook up for affiliate marketing or a giveaway to my audience?

Absolutely! Give us a shout at info@tomboytoes.com and let’s talk business.

How often does Tomboy Toes have sales? Can I get a discount code?

Tomboy Toes has two big sales per year! In spring, we have our anniversary sale, and in winter, we have our Black Friday sale. If you sign up for our mailing list, you’ll be the first to know any time our products go on sale. The sign-up form is at the bottom of the page! You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see notifications whenever a special sale is happening.



Can I order a whole bunch of pairs just to try them on and then return whichever ones I don't like?


Unfortunately, Tomboy Toes is a small company, and processing a refund for a large multi-item order has a significant impact on our business in a way it wouldn't for a big corporation. If there was no issue with your order or defect with the product sent to you, our policy doesn't cover refunds as an option for these sorts of situations. Although we understand the uncertainty of ordering shoes online, it's not our policy to facilitate "bulk purchase - bulk return" style online shopping. If you order a few pairs and decided to only keep one, any pairs you return can be exchanged for another size, style or color, or can be exchanged for store credit.


What’s coming up in the product development pipeline? Do you have plans for more varieties of masculine footwear in smaller sizes?

You bet your boots we do. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified when the store gets something new and exciting in stock. The form is at the bottom of every page! If you have a specific style of shoe that you'd be especially interested to see, drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook, preferably with some reference photos - we're always gathering information on what our customers are looking for.

Do all your shoes come with a free tin of shoe polish, or only some of them?

All of our shoes come with a complementary 1.7 oz tin of neutral shoe polish!

When I buy from Tomboy Toes, who does my money support?

Tomboy Toes is currently a tiny two person team! When you buy a pair of shoes, we use that money either to invest in growing the business and developing more sizes and product lines or for more boring things like helping our small team of queer owner and employee to buy food and pay rent!

Has anybody ever pointed out to you guys that this is kind of like reverse Kinky Boots?

Yes, actually. About four people pointed it out before the company even launched. We are not at all opposed to the comparison, and are totally interested in musical numbers about our enterprise.