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About The Company

“Where can I buy men’s dress shoes that fit small feet?”

Here at Tomboy Toes we believe that the clothes you wear should make you feel great, should fill you with confidence and fit your body as well as fitting your ideal sense of self. When you invest in really nice shoes, those shoes should suit you and your style - regardless of the size of your feet.

The idea for the company first began to formulate in the mind of its founder, Lauren Craig, when she was out shoe shopping for an important job interview. She was moving up in the business world and wanted to treat herself to some really nice shoes that would give her that extra hit of moxy for the big interview.

The only problem? She wanted dress shoes that were, according to society, men’s dress shoes. Not that the label would stop her - but being a woman, her feet were smaller than even the smallest of men’s shoes. She spent four hours desperately searching through the mall looking for a shoe store to give a couple hundred dollars to for some high quality oxford shoes that would fit smaller feet.

She looked for men’s shoes in small sizes, women’s shoes in men’s styles, heck, she even held out hope she might find a pair of formal boy’s shoes that would fit her. It wasn’t to be - and this certainly wasn’t the first time she found herself frustrated searching for a product that both fit her body and matched her sense of style.

Knowing she couldn’t possibly be alone, Lauren pondered her frustrating inability to find masculine dress shoes that would fit a woman. She ended up settling for a pair of shoes that were kind of what she wanted, but not really. It was an issue that had trailed her for as long as she’d been buying her own clothes - she was a woman who preferred men’s fashion and could never find anything in the right size.

Tomboy Toes is the solution. Starting with the humble ambition to give well-dressed women access to men’s styles of dress shoes in smaller than normal sizes, she found a supplier that could do several of their oxford derby style shoes in women’s sizes. After some rigorous testing and ordering of many pairs of sample shoes, she selected her launch lineup, pulled together her branding and website, and thus Tomboy Toes was born!

The company’s mission is to make sure women, trans men, nonbinary people and anybody else with smaller feet never again have to settle for shoes that are only kind of what they want. You deserve better.


About The Founder

“Who are the people behind Tomboy Toes?”

Lauren Craig is a female entrepreneur from Toronto who graduated from Trent University with an English and Cultural Studies joint major in 2011, worked as a Product Marketing Manager for a couple different technology companies, was brought on to a small, intense Canadian startup in 2015 as Senior Marketing Manager, and then in 2016, having learned immense amounts, decided to launch her own e-commerce venture.

Lauren is a young, ambitious woman with a deep fondness for outfits that make her feel like a secret service agent. Her current passions include roller derby, video games, writing, reading, kung fu, and her two calico cats Lycaon and Leo.

Her personal philosophy is that while confidence comes from within, a major source of that inner strength is whether your outward presentation makes you feel awesome. She's a strong advocate of buying things you catch yourself wishing you could pull off - you don't need to earn the right to wear those clothes. You're already worthy of them. Just go for it!