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The Traveler's Toecaps in Black
The Traveler's Toecaps in Black
The Traveler's Toecaps in Black
The Traveler's Toecaps in Black

The Traveler's Toecaps in Black

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Colors available

            • Vegan Leather 
            • Wool Uppers
            • Derby-Style Lacing
            • Plain Toe and Heel
            • Average ("B") Widths


Wool and leather have been many a craftsman's material of choice for centuries, and for very good reason. The natural water-resistant and insulating property of wool is an obvious winner for high quality outerwear, and the durability of leather and the way it thrives when cared for properly mean it makes for an up front investment that pays off in longevity. Just like genuine leather, our vegan leather can last many years when stored correctly and regularly treated with polish.

Our Traveler's Toecaps are designed to be lightweight, comfortable and warm, featuring a sturdy rubber grip for regular wear on rough and slippery sidewalks alike. These semi-formal dress boots are appropriate for both laidback office environments and special social occasions, ranging in available color combinations to allow you and your sense of style to decide what kind of statement you'd like to make. Black fabric on black leather provides the ultimate versatility, matching any number of outfits, while navy and light brown brings you into a playful summer wardrobe. Forest green and dark brown takes on a more sophisticated and subtle autumn palette, but grey and dark brown evokes the cozy confidence of a warm sanctuary on a crisp winter day. Each style of Traveler is designed to do well both dressed up and dressed down, and fill you with confidence as you let these handsome boots carry you out into the world, wherever you may travel.

Each pair of Traveler's Toecaps comes with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I really love the look of these shoes! I also have the Peacock Traveler's Toecaps, and I did find that these are a little less comfortable- maybe because of the difference in material, but they feel a little tighter around the toes. All the same, I would recommend these for an everyday or work shoe!

Howell B
Classy and comfortable

How comfortable these are absolutely blew my mind. I was not expecting them to be as comfy cozy as they are. Incredibly warm too, my toes are always toasty. I always get compliments on how nice they look, but it's great to be able to say they're some of my most comfortable shoes, too.

I will say though, they're a little looser than I imagined, I even double checked my measurements. So keep that in mind when shopping. Not a deal breaker for me, though.

Sondi Johnson

Love, love, love these amazing boots! They look incredible and actually fit my narrow feet. I'd been looking for boots for years and am so glad I found these. They fit my feet and my style perfectly.

Stephanie morevez
Looks great but very thin

Love the shoes and I'm a return customer. When receiving the boots I thought they would have a bit more to them. There not thick enough to keep you warm or to move a groove with. There thin and will ware out fast. I'll stick to the other shoes you sell. They look great for about two years and then there are stress marks.

Krista H
Lovely shoes, but could be improved upon

These shoes are beautiful! They did not have any arch support, so i had to purchase inserts, otherwise my feet hurt after wearing them all day. The inserts i added changes how my foot sits in the shoe, which is not as good looking, but i doubt anyone else actually notices but me. I wore these on vacation, for two weeks straight, and i found that both of my small toes ended up with blisters and sore. But this was walking in them for hours each day. For my normal desk job, or a normal day, they work perfectly. I just wish the original shoe soles had more support to start out with. My other shoes from tomboy toes felt much more supportive and did not need additional inserts. I would give an 8.5/10