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Stainless Steel Shoehorn
Stainless Steel Shoehorn

Stainless Steel Shoehorn

Size Chart | Don't see your size?
Stainless Steel
4 Inches
Glossy Silver Color
For a nicely snug fitting shoe, you may find yourself fighting with the heel to get your foot in all the way. Rather than damage your shoe, you can use a shoehorn to more easily get your heel inside while you're still breaking in a new pair of shoes. This keeps the shoes in the best possible condition for as long as possible, protecting your investment and helping you get the most out of your Tomboy Toes. 
These engraved shoehorns are genuine stainless steel and measure 4 inches long and are the perfect addition to a first purchase or as a gift for the shoe lover in your life. Their small size makes it convenient to tuck them in your pocket or briefcase for travel, or to hang them up at your front door with your keys for daily use.