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Light Brown Tomboy Toes Roguish Brogue Semi-Formal Derby Oxford Shoe in Vegan Leather - Men's Dress Shoe for Women
Light Brown Tomboy Toes Roguish Brogue Semi-Formal Derby Oxford Shoe in Vegan Leather - Men's Dress Shoe for Women
The Roguish Brogues in Light Brown

The Roguish Brogues in Light Brown

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Colors available

            • Vegan Leather 
            • Derby-Style Lacing
            • Half Brogue
            • Wingtip Style Toecap
            • Medallion Broguing

The Roguish Brogues are a semi-formal model with an inherent durability balanced by a certain classy charm. You can pair these wink-and-a-nod shoes with a wide variety of outfits. Perfect for an outdoor wedding where you want to look classy without having to worry about slipping on romantic dew-speckled grass, the Roguish model comes with sturdy rubber soles with a good amount of grip.

If you're looking for shoes that won't sit in your closet, babied and barely worn for fear of ruining them, these are the derby-style oxfords you want. The vegan leather shoe makes for a classy complement to most office-approved suits and slacks. Most people won't notice at first glance that they're built to endure the wear-and-tear of your daily commute - all they'll see is a snappy pair of dress shoes on a sharply dressed professional.

The Roguish Brogues come with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

The Roguish Brogues in Light Brown

Love the shoes!

First of all, when I came across the brand I was delighted! Elegant masculine shoes in my size - hell yeah! So I bought a pair of Roguish Brogues earlier this year and was absolutely in love with them. They are really comfortable, needed no break-in time and look absolutely great. However, after a couple of weeks they came apart. I emailed with Jade and I was kindly offered a replacement.
Customer service on point, thank you very much! I couldn’t be happier!

About the sizing, if you are used to European shoe sizes, go one size down from what you would normally order, they are rather big.

Love them but disappointed with longevity

I bought my pair of roguish brogues a little over a year ago and I LOVED them. They took a little time to break in, but after that they were perfect. A couple month ago, however, one of the seams around the tow cap popped and the cap has been slowly coming off since. Upon closer inspection, it seems the only thing keeping the cap in place was a single thread. I'm not a shoe making expert, but this seems a little shoddy to me. I'm tempted to buy another pair because the price is unbeatable, even for one year of use, but I'm hoping the same thing won't happen again. I'm also not sure if I can take the shoes to a cobbler because they aren't real leather. If they can be fixed, they'd probably last for several more years.

beautiful comfortable shoes

I have been wanting these for ages, and since it was pride month I decided I'd treat my gay self to them. Eagerly awaited them, watching my emails for the updates, and came home to them after work today and only stopped to feed the cats before ripping into the box and trying them on. They are… so comfy… so beautiful… that nice new rubber smell? Heaven. I probably could've sized down (as some people have suggested you do), I wasn't sure because my feet are like… idk I've worn a lot of different sizes, from 8.5 to 10. But generally a 9. So I went with 38, which is comfy and not gonna fall off, but there is definitely room in the toe. But! this means I can wear them in winter with thicker socks, for my amphibian feet that lose circulation at 50f. I'll maybe try a 37 the next time I buy shoes, which I hope! will be soon. Thank you for making such beautiful shoes for smaller feet and with good business practices!! makes my butch heart so happy.

great shoes, amazing service

bought these and a pair of Downtown Rappers. I was really nervous about buying shoes online because I have weird feet. these fit beautifully but the Downtown didn't work out. Luckily customer care responded quickly and were happy to exchange those for another amazing pair of broguea! love this shoe, comfy and stylish and LOVE the rubber tread that helps when I'm on my feet all day at work. only complaint--make these in more colors, like dark brown and grey! I promise I'll be the first in line to buy!