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The Wingtip Commanders in Coffee Brown
The Wingtip Commanders in Coffee Brown
The Wingtip Commanders in Coffee Brown

The Wingtip Commanders in Coffee Brown

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Colors available

            • Genuine Leather
            • Derby-Style Lacing
            • Half Brogue
            • Wingtip Style Toecap
            • Medallion Broguing
            • (Average "B" Width)
The Wingtip Commanders are the shoes to slip into if you're looking to empower yourself and feel like a respected CEO. With a subtle, weather resistant rubber sole and a gently tapered toe, these half-brogue shoes are a more elegant and formal take on the classic medallion brogue accent and wingtip aesthetic. Made of high quality genuine leather, these shoes are designed to look stunning enough for special occasions and built sturdy enough to endure daily wear. 

Ideal for any scenario where you need to dress to impress, the Commanders feature a streamlined silhouette that carries their wearer into each room with strong, bold, confident solidity. The Wingtip Commanders are exactly that - these belong with an outfit that makes you feel like you're in command, the master of your own destiny and the big dog in town.

The Wingtip Commanders come with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Allie Cotter

I ordered the wrong size so I have a second pair coming but the quality upon arrival was awesome. Will leave a more fulsome review when I have a pair that fits!

Brittany Todd

The Wingtip Commanders in Coffee Brown

Becoming a loyal customer.

I have been looking for a pair of wingtips and professional-looking androgynous boots for at least a couple of years. The problem I frequently ran into was that they were often in men's sizes, and companies like Stacy Adams did not make shoes that were small enough for my feet. The other problem I ran into is that if I did find something that came in my size, it was either not androgynous or was way too expensive. I was invited to my best friend's wedding and I was desperately looking for a pair of shoes I liked and the only one that I could find was over $300. Since I was traveling for this wedding, it was just not in my budget. Then I found Tomboy Toes, and found the exact kind of shoes I wanted, in the colors I wanted, in the size that I needed, and all within my budget. These shoes are of good quality, and I have received countless compliments at the wedding and my boss has complimented on these shoes several times when I wear them at work. For those of us that are gender neutral but also want to have professional clothing options, this website has been a lifesaver for me. As of now, I own two pairs of shoes from this website, and when I save some more money, I will probably pick up a couple more. If that isn't the icing on the cake, the shoes come with free polish as well.

My New Favorite Shoes!

I have always wanted a pair of wingtip shoes but my small feet are always in the way. The coffee brown has been out of stock in my size for a while so when they finally became available I was ecstatic. There were well worth the wait!

My Favorite Shoes

After scoring a big-kid job, I wanted to treat myself with a nice pair of wingtips. But wouldn’t you know it, all the ones I could find were 1) not in small sizes and 2) super expensive. Thank goodness I found Tomboy Toes! These shoes are so lightweight and comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them, and I can rest easy knowing that I supported a small, queer-friendly business.