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Black Tomboy Toes Roguish Brogue Semi-Formal Derby Oxford Shoe in Vegan Leather - Men's Dress Shoe for Women
Black Tomboy Toes Roguish Brogue Semi-Formal Derby Oxford Shoe in Vegan Leather - Men's Dress Shoe for Women
The Roguish Brogues in Black

The Roguish Brogues in Black

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Colors available

            • Vegan Leather 
            • Derby-Style Lacing
            • Half Brogue
            • Wingtip Style Toecap
            • Medallion Broguing

The Roguish Brogues are a semi-formal model with an inherent durability balanced by a certain classy charm. You can pair these wink-and-a-nod shoes with a wide variety of outfits. Perfect for an outdoor wedding where you want to look classy without having to worry about slipping on romantic dew-speckled grass, the Roguish model comes with sturdy rubber soles with a good amount of grip.

If you're looking for shoes that won't sit in your closet, babied and barely worn for fear of ruining them, these are the derby-style oxfords you want. The vegan leather shoe makes for a classy complement to most office-approved suits and slacks. Most people won't notice at first glance that they're built to endure the wear-and-tear of your daily commute - all they'll see is a snappy pair of dress shoes on a sharply dressed professional.

The Roguish Brogues come with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Christina Reyes
Great look at the best price

The look of these shoes is unmatched. Best price for a high quality dress/casual shoe. My only critique is I think they changed to vegan leather and so I found my old pair to be more comfortable. I purchased a ankle cushion that stuck to the back of the shoe and all is well now. I will definitely purchase more in the future but wish I had a real leather option (though I like the vegan for environmental reasons).

Rhonda Nash
Black Shoes

Being butch makes it tough to find clothes/shoes for work and still look professional These shoes (I have them in brown too:) are perfect for me; professional and comfortable.

Sharp looking, very comfortable

I'm looking forward to wearing them to a wedding later this fall!

Gabriella Shook
So affirming!

So I put these on the second I opened the package and I spontaneously burst into happy tears. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been wanting a shoe like this for a long time or that putting them on made me feel the most like myself I’ve ever felt, or both. But these were an absolutely amazing buy. I’m already perusing for a second pair.

The Roguish Brogues Black

I bought these a couple of years ago and I love them. I’m a trans guy and have a difficult time finding shoes that are appropriate for work and also fit. These look great and are comfortable. As far as fit, they fit exactly to my foot. I personally would go a size up. Mainly because of my own personal preference. I didn’t have the same issues with the insole slipping or the heal coming off. That being said, any dress shoe will eventually need a heal replacement or insoles. That’s why they have shoe cobblers.

I’m ordering the next pair for my wedding. Looking forward to seeing how the brown looks in person.