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The Wingtip Commanders in Black
The Wingtip Commanders in Black
The Wingtip Commanders in Black

The Wingtip Commanders in Black

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Colors available

            • Genuine Leather
            • Derby-Style Lacing
            • Half Brogue
            • Wingtip Style Toecap
            • Medallion Broguing
            • (Average "B" Width)
The Wingtip Commanders are the shoes to slip into if you're looking to empower yourself and feel like a respected CEO. With a subtle, weather resistant rubber sole and a gently tapered toe, these half-brogue shoes are a more elegant and formal take on the classic medallion brogue accent and wingtip aesthetic. Made of high quality genuine leather, these shoes are designed to look stunning enough for special occasions and built sturdy enough to endure daily wear. 

Ideal for any scenario where you need to dress to impress, the Commanders feature a streamlined silhouette that carries their wearer into each room with strong, bold, confident solidity. The Wingtip Commanders are exactly that - these belong with an outfit that makes you feel like you're in command, the master of your own destiny and the big dog in town.

The Wingtip Commanders come with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
AJ Blechner
These Shoes are Not the Same Size

I'm not sure how to explain it over than that. You hold them up sole to sole and the right and left are visibly off. It seemed like too much trouble to return them, and they're wearable, technically. Just weird and not the most comfortable on the smaller side. Never had this issue from Tomboy Toes before.

Hi AJ,

That's very strange and should never have happened! We'll have a customer service representative reach out to you ASAP to get this corrected, we're so sorry you received shoes of two different sizes for some reason, they must have been stored or labelled incorrectly and the error not caught by quality assurance before being shipped to you. We'd very much like to make this right for you.

Ali Little
wingtip commanders

I received a pair in brown and in black. They are sharp but there is a smell. I have ordered a different pair years ago and that smell took 6 months to finally dissipate enough to wear. These ones, the smell isn't as bad, but I bought them to wear to a wedding and people at the dinner table could smell them. It's a sharp odor of rubber and chemicals. I have a hard time finding dapper shoes that fit my small feet, so I'll let them sit out in the garage a few more months and luckily I don't have to go into the office any time soon. I will also mention they are not wildly comfortable or offer much support, so putting in an insole would be helpful if going to be on your feet for any length of time.

I've never been so confident dressing up

I'm so thankful for these shoes. I've never felt so comfortable and confident dressing for work. It's incredibly affirming to dress in a way that makes me feel good with shoes that fit.

The black Wingtip Commanders look professional and are very comfortable. I ordered one size up and they fit perfectly with socks. So grateful for this queer business.

Louisa Fletcher-Pacheco
Commanding Wingtips

Favorite shoes! I love them and they are so comfortable.

Also, the service was amazing and I will likely make this a regular place to buy shoes.

Rosalind Jackson
beautiful but uncomfortable

I was really excited when I received these shoes, but unfortunately I'm not sure I'm going to be able to wear them. The way the toes taper down to a point leaves my pinky toe squished against the side of my foot, and is uncomfortable pretty much as soon as I put the shoes on. I have narrow feet, and the shoes fit everywhere else, but the shape of the toe box just doesn't leave room for all of my toes. It's unfortunate that an exchange seems to be the only option, as I can't imagine that going a size up will do much for me besides adding more empty space in front of my big toe, which isn't really desirable as these already make my feet look bigger than they are thanks to the point.

Hi Rosalind,

We're so sorry to hear the fit isn't exactly right for you - we do have some options to make this right for you. We can process a return, but we can also look at an exchange for another pair plus a partial refund or store credit for the difference; you might want to look at the Roguish Brogues or the Barrister's Boots as an option, as those styles have rounder, slightly roomier toeboxes.

We'll have a customer service representative reach out to you as soon as possible to make this right for you!