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Blue Tomboy Toes Dapper Woman Semi-Formal Derby Oxford Shoe in Vegan Leather - Men's Dress Shoe for Women
Blue Tomboy Toes Dapper Woman Semi-Formal Derby Oxford Shoe in Vegan Leather - Men's Dress Shoe for Women
Alex Perry modeling the Tomboy Toes line of Downtown Dapper semi-formal shoes for women

The Downtown Dappers in Blue

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            • Vegan Leather 
            • Derby-Style Lacing
            • Brogue Accent
            • Burnished Toe
            • Average ("B") Widths
The Downtown Dappers are a pair of shoes that are exactly what they say they are. Feel good and walk with a smug little spring in your step with a set of derby oxfords that look classy and don't break the bank. Made with vegan leather and smooth rubber roles, the Dappers are sleek with a slightly more pointed toe and speak of a subtle charm. Derby-style lacing is less formal than the classic oxford style, so you won't feel too strange if you wear these shoes every day. As a lower-cost option, they still look nice enough to wear to a special occasion like a wedding or a big job interview.

Our best-selling Downtown Dappers are the perfect introductory shoe for a handsomely stylish person who wants to start dipping their toes into the more masculine end of footwear but isn't ready to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes. They come in a striking steely blue, a handsome sandy brown, a classic jet black, an eye-catching sharkfin grey, and a warm, confident dark brown. With smooth rubber soles that will last longer than the high-formality leather soles of other oxfords, the Downtown Dapper line of formal shoes are a great first pair that will make you proud to step out into public.

Each pair of Downtown Dappers comes with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Stacey Ridel

I love these shoes. I have wider feet and was skeptical about whether these shoes would be too narrow, but they fit beautifully. Gender euphoria.

Claudia Davis
In think it a well made shoe.

I am in NYC and do a lot of walking. Shoes I purchased are comfortable and look good.

Kristen Bellew

I have been wearing "men's" dress shoes for as long as I can remember and as we know, "men's" shoes aren't meant to fit small feet. I have been dreaming of these shoes for awhile and now, I own them! (In blue) . They are unique and classic at the same time -- they are just what my androgynous soul has always wanted.

Kelli Gandy
Comfy and Stylish!

I love these shoes. My default black were out of stock and my current pair were overdue to be replaced. I took a chance ordering these blue dappers. However, I have gotten SO MANY compliments on these shoes--even my girlie girl daughter complimented me on these (and she is a heels girl all the way)! They are so comfy and didn't even require a break-in period. Love these shoes!!

Love these!

These are great shoes! I get lots of compliments. I am so grateful for tomboy toes!