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Dark Brown Tomboy Toes Dapper Woman Semi-Formal Derby Oxford Shoe in Vegan Leather - Men's Dress Shoe for Women
Dark Brown Tomboy Toes Dapper Woman Semi-Formal Derby Oxford Shoe in Vegan Leather - Men's Dress Shoe for Women
The Downtown Dappers in Dark Brown

The Downtown Dappers in Dark Brown

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Select Downtown Dappers In Blue

            • Vegan Leather 
            • Derby-Style Lacing
            • Brogue Accent
            • Burnished Toe
            • Regular ("B") Width: Smooth Sole
            • Extra Wide ("D") Width: Grip Sole

The Downtown Dappers are a pair of shoes that are exactly what they say they are. Feel good and walk with a smug little spring in your step with a set of derby oxfords that look classy and don't break the bank. Made with vegan leather and smooth rubber roles, the Dappers are sleek with a slightly more pointed toe and speak of a subtle charm. Derby-style lacing is less formal than the classic oxford style, so you won't feel too strange if you wear these shoes every day. As a lower-cost option, they still look nice enough to wear to a special occasion like a wedding or a big job interview.

Our best-selling Downtown Dappers are the perfect introductory shoe for a handsomely stylish person who wants to start dipping their toes into the more masculine end of footwear but isn't ready to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes. They come in a striking steely blue, a handsome sandy brown, a classic jet black, an eye-catching sharkfin grey, and a warm, confident dark brown. With smooth rubber soles that will last longer than the high-formality leather soles of other oxfords, the Downtown Dapper line of formal shoes are a great first pair that will make you proud to step out into public.

Each pair of Downtown Dappers comes with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews

Only place I get dress shoes. They’re the best!

Margaret Giacalone
Great shoes

Fantastic. Speedy delivery and they look dope.

Excellent dress shoes

I ordered the Downtown Dappers in Dark Brown with regular (B) width in November of 2023, and they are great. As a law student, these shoes meet my needs for nice shoes to wear with a suit or with business casual attire, and for networking, without breaking the bank (comparatively, when dress shoes from major brands often start at 3-figure prices). These shoes are comfortable, and affirming--I feel good in them as a transmasculine person who can't always find "men's" shoes in my size. There was no breaking-in period for these shoes, and they arrived quickly using the cheapest/standard shipping option. I replace the inserts in my Tomboy Toes shoes with a pair that provides more support, as the included inserts are thin foam that's not supportive or super breathable.
I also own the Roguish Brogues in Light Brown, which is actually orange. I'm glad I ordered the Downtown Dappers in Dark Brown, as they are actually brown. I'd love for the Roguish Brogues to also be available in Dark Brown!

Mariela Uzcategui

Love the shoes!

Amber Boudreau
Haven’t received them

I would love to share a good review of the shoes cause I was so excited when I ordered them but I haven’t received them yet. Not sure how long it usually takes but it’s been longer than I would’ve expected from a Canadian company since I live in Canada