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The Downtown Dappers in Light Brown
The Downtown Dappers in Light Brown
The Downtown Dappers in Light Brown

The Downtown Dappers in Light Brown

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            • Vegan Leather 
            • Derby-Style Lacing
            • Brogue Accent
            • Burnished Toe
            • Regular ("B") Width
            • Extra Wide ("D") Width
The Downtown Dappers are a pair of shoes that are exactly what they say they are. Feel good and walk with a smug little spring in your step with a set of derby oxfords that look classy and don't break the bank. Made with vegan leather and smooth rubber roles, the Dappers are sleek with a slightly more pointed toe and speak of a subtle charm. Derby-style lacing is less formal than the classic oxford style, so you won't feel too strange if you wear these shoes every day. As a lower-cost option, they still look nice enough to wear to a special occasion like a wedding or a big job interview.

Our best-selling Downtown Dappers are the perfect introductory shoe for a handsomely stylish person who wants to start dipping their toes into the more masculine end of footwear but isn't ready to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes. They come in a striking steely blue, a handsome sandy brown, a classic jet black, an eye-catching sharkfin grey, and a warm, confident dark brown. With smooth rubber soles that will last longer than the high-formality leather soles of other oxfords, the Downtown Dapper line of formal shoes are a great first pair that will make you proud to step out into public.

Each pair of Downtown Dappers comes with a complementary tin of neutral shoe polish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Kaycia Baggaley

The Downtown Dappers in Light Brown


The shoes I purchased are not the ones I received. While the upper shoe is the downtown dappers, the sole is a thick grippy sole, clearly the one used in the roguish brogues, rather than the flat sole that is clearly stated in the product listing and photos of the downtown dappers. Which is incredibly disappointing, I dislike the look of the thicker sole and purchased the downtown dappers because of their thin sole. I don't know if this is a manufacturing error, or if they've changed the sole (or are using this sole for wide versions of the shoe) and simply didn't bother to update the listing. Either way, it's frustrating. In addition, one of the shoes has black scuff marks on it that won't come off, and the leather has a rippling effect like it was poorly stretched.

They're also incredibly roomy - I purchased them wide because I am always wide in shoes, but did not need to. I attempted to get measurements for the width prior to ordering, but staff did not have the width measurements on hand, and I did not have time to wait while they tried to get them from the manufacturer.

On a plus side, they are so far incredibly comfortable, and the two toned effect looks nice. I hope I grow to like them more. They also shipped out the same day I ordered them and arrived quickly.

Overall, this has been a very disappointing purchase. Between the exchange rate, cost of shipping, and duty taxes, these cost me $150 CAD, only to not even be the shoe I ordered. Which is a lot of money for me! And because of the cost of shipping and duty tax, along with the fact that these were ordered for an event taking place next week, mean that return or exchange is out of the question. Fellow Canadians, you might have better luck purchasing a higher quality shoe closer to home for how much the shoe costs all things considered.

Hi Hank,

This is extremely unusual and definitely not the experience we want you to have had! We'll have a customer service representative reach out to you asap to get this right and get the right pair of shoes to you without any extra cost to you. Hopefully we can get this sorted for you and figure out how this could have happened so that we can tighten up whatever quality assurance check was missed to have allowed an incorrect product to have been shipped to you. Our sincere apologies, and again we'll have somebody reach out to you as soon as possible to talk next steps for correcting the issue.

Kind regards and sincere apologies,
The Tomboy Toes Team

M. D.
Nice shoes!

Overall the shoes are exactly what I was looking for. They’re comfortable and look nice. My only complaint would be that the coloring is not entirely consistent throughout—the tips of the toes are quite a bit darker than the rest of the shoe.

Cynthia Marion
Fantastic Pair of Shoes!

I love these shoes! Stylish and comfortable and great for both dress and everyday use. I can't wait to buy another pair in a different color!

Jesenia Leon

Had to return them, one of the tips of the shoes were darker than the other one. It look like two different shoes

Hi Jesenia,

We're so sorry this happened! That should never have gotten past our quality check stage. We'd be happy to arrange to swap those shoes out for a properly matching pair. A customer service representative will reach out to you ASAP so we can make this right for you.

Kind regards,
The Tomboy Toes Team